Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome One And All!!

This is my attempt at a very basic authors blog! The concept of this blog is to share with you the reader the Ups and Downs of writing. To outreach with other authors and poets that I know. To talk about some of my work in process, and recommendations for the struggling author and poet.

Your first question is probability what does Aaru mean? In the Egyptian Book of the Dead it is what the Egyptian Paradise is named. In my novel series it is the coffee shop and pub for my Chimera character. So there you go question answered so I dont get swamped with questions on what does your title mean?

This blog is not a step by step how to publish guild! So don't expect that! But having said that one of my goals is inspiration and information sharing so do with it as you wish! Those of you that complain about the red font live with it! Your welcome to ask me questions but don't expect me to answer ever single question in a timely manner I get extremely busy writing and that's just the way it is again live with it!