Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey Gang!!

To all my readers(followers of my blog) I am apologetic to you guys. I haven't been written on my blog in quite awhile! You know how life gets! Anyways; alot of people tend to get overwhelmed with writing their first novel. Yes, Yes you sit there and say to yourself "Is this good enough?" "Am I in need of medication?" I would advise you this Ignore those thoughts, you can't worry about everything. Pay attention to your writing and listen to your play list.

Yes of course you need an agent... Yes you need a publisher... Yes you need a book cover. But bottom line none of these things will make sense to have if you don't write.

Distractions of life do occur but remember if you don't pay attention to your goals you wont achieve those goals simple as that. Criticism that you hear from friends, family on your writing should be taken none emotionally and always remember that if people took to heart something someone else said to them some of the achievements not just in writing but in science and technology would never had occurred. Remember these words: "You can only throw yourself under the bus. No one else can do it for you." 

Another area I have discussed recently with an fellow author was real life considerations on their writing. In other words should they allow influences from their everyday life to hijack their creativism. I responded to this with: How else are you to write, we are influenced both consciously and unconsciously in our everyday life by things and people around us. The trick is to find something creative within our surroundings and interactions. I also gave an example when Stephen King was asked how he came up with the screenplay for the movie The Myst he answered simply "I went and brought groceries and as I was paying for them I noticed the big windows in the front of the store and Bam the basic idea for The Myst took shape." He then rushed home and got to work. See if he can have an creative brain "Bam" then you can as well. You most likely won't even recognize its occurring when it does. So my advice to all of your authors and inspiring authors is to pay attention to the world around you!!

That's it for this week guys! And I promise to add more to my blog in the future!!