Friday, November 25, 2011

My first Book Signing

Well Gang! I had my first book signing.... It was at a local craft show in the city of sudbury (for those that don't know where that is it's in a northern town in the Canadian Province of Ontario). I of course invited my whole Facebook friends list, yes I know some aren't in the same province let alone same country but in this modern world of people being mobile with their face-books to their smart phones I figured what the hell one never knows if one is passing through city I'm in. Yes I got Manna to take afew photos on her camera and will post those to Facebook asap.

Now; onto my feelings on the book signing. First of all I signed and sold one book. I learnt abit about it in the aspect that got to talk to people and before the next one I goto I plan on getting some business cards done up so much neater and more professional than hand writing scraps of paper. I discussed the novel I'm working on and that seemed to perk interest. Now I wasn't surprised however that local friends of mine didn't come out to show their support for my work... it's almost an unwritten rule in this city not to carry through... however maybe next time they will appear it could of been a whole bundle of realistic reasons why they didn't.

Book signings to me seemed to be an whole different image that what I had in my mind's eye. loads to learn still... so I'll leave ya guys with this: Expect the unexpected!!