Saturday, December 3, 2011

Missing inspiration part 2

As I was saying earlier TV is a good inspiration tool along with ya blu ray, VCR, DVD player. However let's go old school for a moment shall we?

Let's say your looking to create an action scene in your book and are lacking for concept ideas. Well one habit I've picked up is using the newspaper  heres an example from my local paper.

A 28-year-old woman was arrested Dec. 1 after allegedly taking an acquaintance’s pickup truck without his consent. The owner of the truck phoned Greater Sudbury Police around 10 p.m., complaining the suspect had taken his vehicle from the parking lot at a sports bar on Second Avenue, almost running him over in the process. Greater Sudbury Police spotted the woman driving the vehicle “erratically” northbound on Elgin Street. Officers had to take evasive action to avoid a collision. They stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Elgin and Elm Streets. They broke the driver's side window to get the woman out of the vehicle. The suspect has been charged with taking a motor vehicle without consent, assault with a weapon, dangerous driving and impaired driving. She is due to appear in bail court Dec. 2.

Now as you can see from the story its small in length, information very direct, etc. Here's a way you can take creative licence with this story.

My sisters and I watched the news which flashed on our earlier adventures. Luckily to the general public nothing supernatural had occurred, the news flash simply said a woman had been arrested for taking her friends vehicle at 10 o'clock at night and nothing was said about the Fire Gremlin that had possessed her other than that she was driving erratically going northbound on Elginus Avenue and that the cops had to avoid a collision by taking evasive action.  They momentarily talked about her upcoming court date, the three of us snickered loudly if they only knew....

This is only an example and you notice that I took creative licence with the street name. You the writer can take as much creative licence as you wish for not matter the length just remember to follow the 5W rule and setting rule. Now go read or watch the news and see what fun you can have creatively...