Thursday, October 13, 2011

So Time to Introduce the Gorgonus Clan

So where to begin... How about from the beginning;

The book I am writing is named Gorgoneion's Bane. The word "Gorgoneion" is the name for the Greek Apotropaic Horror Pendant which was used as a royal aegis and has been found on doors to jars. Sorta an early form of warding off the evil eye or negativity.

The planned number of pages for the finished book is 774 pages. And I plan to do a whole series of books each one from a different perceptive of each of the three Gorgon sisters.

The background or for lack of a better express what is going on the sleeve or back cover is the following:

"The Gods have had it with Humanity. First the mortals have forsaken their worship of the ancient Gods then they start to ravage our Mother the Earth, but the Gods have decided enough is enough and they are gearing up for another Titanomachy and this time it looks like it is directed at mortality. Hades and Tartarus has a huge overcrowding population problem while the mortals haven't  acknowledged the existence of the Greek Underworld in centuries that doesn't mean that their souls don't end up there after physical death. Charion's on strike, what else would happen when mortals get forgetful on the proper funeral rites to make sure they pay their own way across the River Styx not to mention the other four rivers in the Underworld. So what happens now? We do, we're the Gorgonus Clan, offspring of the great Titan Echindna.
I'm Medusa known to my friends as Medra and I work part-time at the Museum of Canada. Then there's my sisters --- Stheno an ancient Hitman...  opps Hitwoman and Euryale a Psychologist with no love for mortals. We are the Gorgons, yes that's right the true blooded half woman half serpent women who have a nasty habit of turning their lovers (and anyone else) to stone. Because our glamor hiccuped and turned our father to stone our mother exiled us up to the surface with a mission find out what the Gods are up to and destroy their plans anyway we can. Are we up for the job? not a chance in Hades but we are struck here. My old enemy Athena is back and she's out for blood particularly mine. So what's a Gorgon to do......"

So that's the basic background of the novel. The world that I have created is a combination of urban realism and fantasy with mythology thrown into the mix. In each series of the books I plan to introduce different deities and creatures from the different pantheons/mythologies.

That's all for now folks......

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