Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Rant Cant Resist!

So a friend and I she also has a blog on this site where hunting through the help links for page set up etc. Why is it that when someone makes a set up like this blog site that they have to confuse the dam issue go here go there and its not even in logical step by step! Finally after much hair pulling and wanting to sacrifice another living being and living being we both figured out how to sort out comments and comment moderation. SO GANG YOU CAN ALL POST COMMENTS AND PLEASE DO SO AT YOUR WILL! those who spam me will just have their spams deleted and if they become just a hassle I'll delete off the followers section. I also moved the "Follow" to top as well it's in two spaces please follow. NOW does anyone know a LOGICAL and SIMPLE format to get search out other people's blogs who are doing similar to you I.E other authors. so that one can invite them to follow your blog? Let me know please!! 

OK that's it for ranting!

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