Sunday, October 16, 2011

Using TV Shows and Movies for Writing Inspiration!

We all have those moments of inspiration difficulty which can fall easy into a form of writer's block that isn't really writers block but more a form of what to do next within a chapter.  So I thought I will share some advice on this manner.

First off when I write i do so in "Scenes" within a chapter. To explain that in simplified format I visually see in my head a character within a setting doing something then plot out what their actions do to affect both environment and other characters within that scene.

So let's go the simplest route for this example I will use something well known. I'm pretty sure your all familiar with the three Underworld movies, now here's a suggestion; Take the opening scene in Underworld (the Death Dealers following the Lycans who are following the Human Dr into the subway) NOW STOP TAPE!

While this first scene in the film introduces the movie characters in a very basic way it has little interaction intil the characters actually get into the subway. Now remember visual format makes it easier to tell the story. BUT think in these terms How would you write the scene from Selene being on top of the building to her entering the Subway? How would her actions affect things etc.

Also remember you can do this several times with a notebook while watching a movie or TV series. Now remember to use pure creativity! DON'T ALLOW your own characters to become too much like the characters you are viewing within a TV Series or Movie. For example; Selene has personality traits that might be similar to your own main characters traits BUT REMEMBER don't turn your character into Selene!  

Remember you are in charge of the creative process with your writing! Also its an authors taboo plus a legal one to steal whole hearty or in part a copy written character from any series or movie. Yes you can use the name Selene in creative process but you can't use the Death Dealer concept of that story.

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