Sunday, October 23, 2011

So it's been awhile

So as the title says its been awhile, I've been busy what can I say. Now you'r probability wondering busy with what exactly? 2 Things Writing and doing the start of some leg work for the poetry books, I went and got a mini loan and brought some of my own books got a craft show coming up November and/or December thou I still haven't heard back from the originizer of the show on weather I have a table or not which irrates me to high heaven. I hate waiting on others to check their Facebook messages or email or msn.

In other news; finally got ahold of my publisher not the agent themselves, it appears they shifting my "case agent" to an entire new city and didn't tell me (neither she nor the company) they said they will be assigning me a new one. The whole thing puts them in breach of contract because everytime a case agent is changed they are to communicate with me via either phone or email and that has never happened. Gota love companies that don't go by their own standardized contract.

I'm thinking its about time that I revised my poem books thou I am still debating in what direction to do so. Not just the main cover but the poems themselves and weather to do a picture with each poem? hmmm the choices.... 

Well back to writing as usual. I will get sorted as I always do.....

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